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Vpx Extra Wide Hip Band | Resistance Bands For Legs, Glutes, Core, Hips, & Butt Workout | Great For Home Fitness, Yoga, Speed, Agility, Gym, &...

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Product Details
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & DURABILITY: We took the everyday hip loop, redesigned it, & built the last hip loop you will ever buy. 4x construction eliminates fraying, increases outdoor resistance to the elements, & improves overall functionality. Comfort blended cotton is infused with ballistic nylon to allow for skin contact - but ensure durability. We added an extra inner rubberized elastic band to improve ROM’s, elasticity, & stretch smoothness.
  • DEVELOPED BY PRO ATHLETES & TRAINERS: VPX Performance products are designed by pro athletes & their strength trainers. We know fitness & how the body functions. This hip loop is designed for the female athlete looking to tone, shape, & build muscular definition. Not a power lifting band, but a viable solution to female fitness goals – an uploading device that allows for more reps, slow burn, & fast twitch muscular response.
  • TONES, SHAPES, & BUILDS MUSCULAR FITNESS LINES: To improve your shape & get that bikini beach body, you need more than the squat or lunge that most resistance band loop allow for. Our resistance band can be stretched out to a whopping 32” – perfect for all those lower half exercises that go beyond the conventional. Additionally, the starting length of our band increases lower half activation response – resulting in faster gains & better toning.
  • EASY TO USE, PORTABLE, WORKOUT ANYWHERE: Take it anywhere. Fits in your pocket. Workout at home, in the office, & outdoors. Any running lifestyle can to get agility & flex core exercises with our hip loop because of its advanced range of motion & resistance – giving your cardio the upgraded workout it deserves!
  • SLIP RESISTANCE WITH ANTI ROLL TECHNOLOGY: Our extra wide design keeps the hip loop in place – no matter how much range of motion your workout requires. The inner rubberized ridges ensure the hip loop stays in place & gives the peace of mind that you can do any exercise you want.